So, what is a prayer?

Blowing out birthday candles or summoning a fierce conviction in vital moments in our lives, we use prayers as a part of our being and perform them in countless ways. There is no one definition for prayers. They could be pleas, wishes, moments of gratitude, blessings or aspirations stemming from ancient and contemporary sources. They could be written or intuitive poems, letters, abstract vocal expressions, mantras or murmurs.

Prayers are not necessarily religious acts. They can be secular and atheist, aiming at our loved ones, the world, or simply— ourselves.

We acknowledge the privacy and sensitivity embedded in prayer and therefore offer counseling by email tefila@neve.org.il

How do I join?

You can join us by following these simple steps:

  1. Find a quiet space and use your phone to record your prayer by clicking this link
  2. Fill out the prayer form that will appear at the end of your recording.

*If you have a physical disability preventing you from performing these steps, please contact us for help.

*We welcome prayers in sign language. For instructions, please contact us by email tefila@neve.org.il

How to optimise your Prayer recording?

We make our best efforts to ensure that uploading your prayer to our library is easy and accessible. To achieve the best sound quality, please follow these instructions:

Find a quiet space without background noises.

We recommend closing all doors and windows and isolating the space as best you can from external interruptions. If it is not too inconvenient, please turn off any air conditioners or fans.

Hold your phone steady. If you are making a long recording, please place your phone on a flat surface in the best position possible for making a clear recording. Keep a 5 cm distance between your mouth and the device.

Try to minimize echo. Choose a room with soft surfaces such as carpet, curtains or padded furniture that can help absorb unwanted echoes. We recommend using library rooms or bedrooms instead of empty spaces.

If you are reading your prayer from paper, please try to turn the pages only during pauses between sentences.

Before you start recording, please remove any noisy jewelry you might be wearing, especially on your hands.

Will my prayer stay anonymous?

It depends on you. If you choose to stay anonymous in the prayer questionnaire, we will upload it to our website without indicating your name. In all other cases we will credit the performer and their name will be mentioned in

Do you accept all prayers?

Yes, we accept all prayers. Our staff plays and thoughtfully treats each prayer by itself. We carefully listen to each prayer’s sound quality, and give much consideration to its categorization.

We will contact you personally in case we find any copyright issues or technical problems.

Will all prayers be uploaded to the radio station?

All prayers will be uploaded and kept within our prayer archive. However, some of the prayers won’t necessarily be used for the exhibition and digital radio station for curatorial or technical reasons.

Can I record more than one prayer? Can we record a prayer as a group?

Yes, of course. You can record as many prayers as you wish, by yourself or as a group. If you would like to record several prayers, please send them as separate files and make sure you fill out the prayer form with the necessary information.

I feel uncomfortable recording my prayer in my own voice, can I send you my prayer in written form?

Yes, you can send us your prayer text together with your filled out prayer form and we will record it ourselves with the help of our team of volunteers.