Frequency of Human Prayer

The call to prayer grows louder in times of great distress and pain. Prayer, as an elemental human act, can be performed through speech, song, poetry, shouts, or whispers; with swaying bodies and stomping feet, as spontaneous recitation or with silent conviction. Be it personal or collective, prayer is an innately human behavior always available to each and every one of us.

RADIO AWE hopes to assemble a universal library of prayers and heartfelt pleas transcending religion, culture, and language with round-the-clock global broadcasts. Our goal is to collect an ever-growing reservoir of prayers that can amplify wishes and yearnings and be digitally transmitted to anyone willing to listen—anywhere and at all times.

We invite you to put what you hope for into words, then record your voice and join a collective radio station for human wishes, intentions, blessings, and thanks. The project is meant for all of us, regardless of race, religion, gender, sex, language, age, or culture.

RADIO AWE will launch on February 29th at Schechter Gallery in Tel Aviv as a sound installation, and continue operating afterwards as a permanent digital program.


Conversations about prayer, encounters of prayers

Daylight prayers

Prayers to be heard under the sun

Prayers of the night

For the late hours, when sleep seems far away